Motorbike insurance explanation

Collision Damage Waiver is included in the price when hiring a bike through us in Larnaka and the charges are as follows:

     up to 100cc -  6.00 per day
100cc to 125cc - 9.00 per day
125cc to 600cc -   16.00 per day

Excess on Collision Damage waiver insurance for motorcycles:

*Please note that this does not apply to the hire of the Harley Davidson's ior bikes in other areas.
For further information about this please see; 

The excess of the motorbikes is as follows:

 up to 100cc - 300.00 - 800
 up to 125cc - 500.00 - 1500
 up to 250cc - 700.00 - 3000
 up to 650cc - 800.00 -10000
up to 1400cc - 1000.00 - 12000

 Excess means the amount you are liable to pay the accident or damage is your fault. The definition of 'your fault' may not match your definition or ours. If you are involved in an accident, even a minor one, try to take photo's or a video of the circumstances. The probability is that being a foreigner involved in an accident with a local, you may find the odds somewhat stacked against you. Please do not interpret that to mean that the system is unfair, but you will not understand the language or the nuances of the way things are presented, which is a difficult enough thing to deal with when you are in a mild state of shock, even in your mother tongue.

  The insurance criteria are different with each company - as are rental ages, so please see the page for the area you are renting in.

Also check your rental agreement when taking possession of any vehicle, then check it again. If you are not happy, don't sign it.

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